The Book in the Drawer

I knew someone once who used to talk about the “book in the drawer.” The “book in the drawer” was the one that was so good you couldn’t stop reading it. All you wanted to do was keep reading that book. You read it everywhere, all the time, and even at work you’d hide it in a drawer, and whenever the boss wasn’t looking, you’d open the drawer and READ!

Kniting is the ultimate “book in the drawer.” On a day like today, when there’s a deadline looming and a pile of papers that must be graded (and it’s cold and rainy, and there’s a fire going), all I want to do is knit. There is no boss looking over my shoulder, but Monday morning and my conscience (big meany) won’t leave me alone. That means blogging time is limited, so today’s post will be brief. It might just turn out, though, that the principle of the “book in the drawer” results in a finished cutest ever doggy sweater by tomorrow. It might.

I did knit on the drive to and from town yesterday, but all my progress ended up being for nought. I realized about two miles from home at the end of the day that I’d made a silly error on the decreases about mid-way through. Gahhh!! Ripppppp! Happily, things are moving in the right direction again, so the end—and the moment of ultimate cuteness when the sweater gets modeled by Lola herself!—is near. Here it is (held artfully by my wonderful dad) on location at the Petco.

12 14 2 ribbet

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